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Singularity Computers, Jayztwocents, And A Journalistic Debacle

Even those who figured that these technologies will become cheaper and more widespread, failed in imagining the uses they will be put to, and how they will change society. And here we are today, when you’re posting your naked pictures on Facebook. This “problem” about immortality comes up in much more direct ways. The notion of ego and self-awareness has been the bedrock of the hardheaded rationalism of the last few centuries.

Yet now the notion of self-awareness is under attack from the artificial intelligence people. Intelligence Amplification undercuts our concept of ego from another direction. The post-Singularity world will involve extremely high-bandwidth networking. A central feature of strongly superhuman entities will likely be their ability to communicate at variable bandwidths, including ones far higher than speech or written messages. What happens when pieces of ego can be copied and merged, when self-awareness can grow or shrink to fit the nature of the problems under consideration? These are essential features of strong superhumanity and the Singularity.

According to Figueras, the field has gained momentum in the past decade, thanks largely to advances in computing that have made it possible to calculate how black holes evolve and, in some cases, fall apart to reveal singularities. “It’s not only that the computers needed weren’t available 20 years ago,” he says. “We didn’t understand how to simulate general relativity and hence black holes in computers.” The result, he says, is that yes, naked singularities are more common than expected—in universes with extra dimensions. Computer technology advances at a faster rate than many other technologies. This trend is related to Moore’s Law, which states that transistors double in power every 18 months. Vinge says that at this rate, it’s only a matter of time before humans build a machine that can “think” like a human.

An abundance of accumulated hardware that can be unleashed once the software figures out how to use it has been called “computing overhang.” Public figures such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have expressed concern that full artificial intelligence could result in human extinction. The consequences of the singularity and its potential benefit or harm to the human race have been intensely debated.

It is unclear whether an intelligence explosion resulting in a singularity would be beneficial or harmful, or even an existential threat. Theodore Modis and Jonathan Huebner argue that the rate of technological innovation has not only ceased to rise, but is actually now declining. Evidence for this decline is that the rise in computer clock rates is slowing, even while Moore’s prediction of exponentially increasing circuit density continues to hold. This is due to excessive heat build-up from the chip, which cannot be dissipated quickly enough to prevent the chip from melting when operating at higher speeds. Advances in speed may be possible in the future by virtue of more power-efficient CPU designs and multi-cell processors.

When doing the big M6x30 bolts up, I was careful not to overtighten them. Again, acrylic cracks very easily, and the absolute last thing I wanted to have to do was send Singularity Computers an email asking if they could ship a new plate over. Fortunately, the bolts used here are big and long, so they sat reassuringly tight without needing to exert a lot of force — they’re not coming loose and the acrylic is safe. I simply undid the tightening nut and O-ring, dropped it into place on the LED cover, and tightened up the O-ring and nut on the back.

However, most philosophers and scientists agree that there will be a turning point when we witness the emergence of superintelligence. They also agree on crucial aspects of singularity like time and speed. This means they agree that smart systems will self-improve at an increasing rate. In technology, the singularity describes a hypothetical future where technology growth is out of control and irreversible. These intelligent and powerful technologies will radically and unpredictably transform our reality.

Significant cost savings due to integration of the reservoir, pump top, pump cover, roughly half of the water-cooling loop and cable management. Thankfully, with the singularities tucked inside the black holes, we do not have to worry about their potentially bizarre effects on the external world. But what if these singularities could show up outside—on their own? Because we do not yet have a complete theory to describe what happens in singularities, we cannot trust the story that general relativity tells us. “Naked singularities cause general relativity to lose its predictive power,” says Yen Chin Ong, a physicist at Yangzhou University in China, who has studied the nature of singularities in gravitational theories.