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Common Netbook Characteristics

Many larger PC manufacturers don’t even market systems as “netbooks” anymore, instead offering their netbook-style models simply as lower priced, less powerful options within existing laptop product lines. Following the Eee PC, Everex launched its Linux-based CloudBook; Windows XP and Windows Vista models were also introduced and MSI released the Wind—others soon followed suit. Prices for new laptop computers vary widely depending on screen size and hardware configurations. Low-end laptops tend to go for under $500, while high-end laptops used for advanced work-related tasks or gaming can easily exceed $1,000. Apple’s Mac laptops will generally be more expensive than comparable PC laptops.

For personal use at home and at my usual local haunts, I’m content to use Wi-Fi. A. The majority of people would consider a netbook easy to use, especially if it’s a 2-in-1 design. Netbooks can’t usually run complex software, making them well suited to college students and people who simply need a machine for internet browsing and word processing. Netbooks have solidified their place in the computing market as convenient budget computers. We put together a list of the strengths and drawbacks of netbooks to help you determine whether one of these slim computers would fit in your arsenal of consumer tech.

Freescale, for example, gave free netbooks to a group of 14- to 20-year-olds and watched what happened. “They would use it for Internet access when eating breakfast or on the couch, or bring it to class for taking notes,” said Glen Burchers, the director of consumer products marketing at Freescale. Broadband – Some models are available with a cellular broadband card. This feature can add as much as $100, but provides access to the internet from just about anywhere if you open an account with a cellular provider. Wireless – All Netbook come with built-in wireless network adapters.

So while a smaller screen may be less comfortable to work with, it may make up for it in the convenience of a smaller computer. Some newer models also use an LED to illuminate the screen rather than the old CCFL screens. It’s also a recognition that Internet or web-based applications are growing in popularity.

Before you perform this operation, you need a rescue memory stick. Download the ISO file and use unetbootin to install it on a memory stick. This is a good rescue to keep handy for any emergency on your computer. Next run unetbootin and point it to the device /dev/sdb1 and the ISO file containing the operating system. This program can take an ISO file, like you would download from Ubuntu, and write it to a memory stick. Before we start looking at the linux versions I thought I would discuss a couple of issues involved with installing and configuring linux on a netbook.